Due to the stiff competition among online casino operators, most of them are now offering bonuses for players to enjoy their favourite games. Bingo games lovers are not left out as several bingo gambling sites offer various types of bonuses - whether as a signup bonus, refer a friend bonus, deposit bonus, and many more. These bonuses are everywhere, but why do we have or need them. Generally, a bingo bonus is a gift offered to players at a bingo site so that they can play their favourite bingo games for free. For more related bingo guides, visit canadaonline-casino.net .

Type of bingo bonuses and where you can find them

In the online casino industry, you will come across various types of bingo bonuses that you can use to play bingo games for free. Among these bonuses is the no deposit bonus, which is a good start for players who are new to the online casino industry. This is used by most bingo sites to lure new players to signup at their site and start playing free games. As the name suggests, you won't be required to deposit any money before you can claim the bonus - just sign up, and the bonus is yours. No deposit bonuses come with great benefits, which includes:

  • Players can test the bingo site to know if it meets their requirements
  • You can use it to learn how a bingo game works before playing with real money.

Another type of bingo bonuses that you will come across when playing at a bingo site is the free spins. In most bingo sites, free spins are attached to the sign-up bonus. However, free spins can also be given to players as a part of a chat game, competitions, or promotions. Additionally, some bingo sites will offer free spins that require no deposit. Another great bingo bonus that you can take advantage of is the welcome bonus/signup bonus/first-time bonus offer. This is usually awarded to players that are just joining the bingo site. This is a great way to extend your stay at a bingo site.

Welcome bingo bonuses usually come with a minimum deposit requirement (from CAD$5 to CAD$10, depending on the casino) that you need to meet before the bonus can be yours. In some cases, the offer will come with a fixed deposit amount - deposit CAD$20 and receive CAD$30. Another type of bingo bonus is the percentage deposit bonus, which are bonuses based on the percentage of the amount you deposit. For instance, a bingo site can offer you a 100% bonus on your first deposit. So if you deposit CAD$200, you will receive an additional CAD$200 to make it CAD$400.

Bingo Bonus Terms and Wagering Requirements

All bonuses offered at bingo sites are attached to certain terms and conditions. Most operators are in the business to make profits, so they certainly won't give these bonuses for free. The terms differ depending on the bonus you received and the bingo sites that are awarding them. Each bingo sites are allowed to set their bingo bonus terms, so players should check it out to know which one is more favourable. One of these terms is the maximum win, which determines how much you can win with the bonus offer. Here, if you win above the max win limit, the rest of the money will be forfeited.

Another bonus term common among bingo sites is the wagering requirement, which will determine when and how you can withdraw your bonus winnings. We urge players to pay more attention to this bonus. The higher the wagering requirement, the more difficult it will be to cash out your winnings. Because of that, it's better to accept bonuses that come with a low wagering requirement. For example, if you receive a CAD$40 bingo bonus with 50x wagering requirement, you will need to have a total of CAD$2,000 before you can cash out. Other terms include withdrawal limit, time limit, and so on.